Do you take custom orders? 

Most definitely, but only on a limited basis due to the time required. If you have an idea envisioned, let me know and we can talk about the details. Check out my Custom Commissions page for more details on my process. Please note that I will not replicate anyone else's work or designs.

What is your jewelry packaged in?

All jewelry pieces are packaged in my stamped jewelry boxes and are shipped in padded bubble mailers for extra protection. Each order also includes an insert with jewelry care instructions. All of my packaging is created with recycled materials, as sustainable practices and protecting the environment are very important to me. At the moment I do not offer gift wrapping. 

How often do you update your shop?

I choose to release some of my work in themed collections. I sporadically do smaller updates consisting of pieces and designs created in-between collections. Currently my made-to-order items are paused while I adjust my approach to managing my studio time. Collections do tend to sell out quickly, so it helps to be mindful of the release time if you have your eye on something in a collection. 

Ethical sourcing?

Ethical sourcing of materials is very important to me; it is important to me that items are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner and that employees and artists are paid sufficiently for their work. I source my materials (stones, metals, packaging, tools, etc.) from individuals and companies that I research and ensure that their practices are responsible and sustainable. Many of the stones that I use are cut by individual lapidaries, and some are acquired through larger companies that I have communicated with to ensure their practices are indeed ethical. Whenever I possibly can, I choose to support individual artists and small businesses over large corporations. 

Do your pieces contain nickel?

My sterling silver pieces do not contain nickel. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper. I ensure that I am purchasing sterling silver sheet and wire that are nickel-free from reputable metals suppliers when buying. 

Bronze as an alloy contains 0.1% nickel, and I verify the specific amount on the MSDS sheets from the metals suppliers when buying bronze and only purchase from reputable metals suppliers. This is why I choose to use it as an accent metal rather than using it for the majority of a piece. When using bronze in earrings, I back it with sterling silver so that the bronze does not come in contact with the skin as piercings tend to be more sensitive to nickel than surface skin. If you have a nickel allergy or extremely sensitive skin, I would recommend avoiding bronze jewelry.

What are your Covid safety protocols?

I package all orders in my home studio. I thoroughly wash and sanitize my hands prior to packing any order to reduce any risk of potential transmission. If I am feeling ill, I postpone packing any orders until I feel well again as a precaution.

Do you outsource any of your work?

No, all pieces are created directly by me in my studio. I do purchase the stones, glass accents, and silver-cast plants that I use in my work but all other elements and pieces are forged by me. 

Why are your collections/ updates so small?

As an independent artist, it is just me working behind the scenes. This means that I wear all of the hats, including planning the designs, sourcing materials, website updating, photography, bookkeeping, packing orders, social media actually creating the pieces, etc. I also work a full-time day job managing a coffee shop and that can be incredibly time-consuming. All of my jewelry work is completed around my day job schedule, and sometimes I have more time available to create than other times. I'm also trying to ensure that I keep myself healthy with a good work/ life balance with all aspects. While I always wish I could create more for each collection or update, I have to remind myself that I am only one person.

Jewelry of the Month subscription?

It's a definitely a thing! Check out my Patreon page to see all of the details and subscription information. Photos of previous designs for my patrons can be found here and on my social media pages. 

Will you do payment plans? 

I do indeed do payment plans. My website is set up to accept AfterPay, a service which allows you to pay in installments while receiving your order without waiting to pay it off. Check out their website for more details.

I am also able to set up payment plans via PayPal invoicing if you prefer- just send me a message to get that set up! Please note that the PayPal option does require time for me to get your payment plan set up, so it may be trickier to get a newer piece this way as they may sell out before I can take the listing down.

Shipping details?

Shipping costs are calculated by my website based on postal carrier you choose and the address you enter. Some areas are more expensive to ship to, unfortunately. All packages are shipped insured for extra protection. If an item arrives damaged, please send me a message with photos of the damage so that we can get it worked out. If an item does not arrive, please let me know. 


I will do repairs on my own pieces on a case-by-case basis. I sometimes accept repair work for other pieces- just contact me with the specifics to find out if it is a repair job that I will be able to take on. 

Do you accept wholesale orders?

I do accept wholesale orders. My wholesale information can be found here

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