My name is Shelby and I have always loved creating jewelry, from playing with bead sets as a kid to working with gemstones and precious metals in modern day. My jewelry is inspired by my other passions: mythology, nature, fantasy, and literature. Every piece is forged by hand in my studio.

I began working under the name Blaqk Lace Jewelry back in 2010, mostly as a way to fund my creative journey. I finally began my silversmithing journey began in early 2018 after a long time of being to nervous to attempt it. I am self-taught, having learned through books, online videos and forums, and a lot of trial and error. I never imagined that this journey would take me so far! My pieces can currently be found here on my website and at the occasional local art market.


Awards, Acknowledgements, & Memberships

Fire Mountain Gems 2019 Metals Jewelry-Making Finalist
Society of American Silversmiths

Interviews & Media

The Tigertail Podcast (episode 4, 10/11/2020)