Veritas Elixir Pendant

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'Veritas' is the Latin word meaning 'truth'. I wanted to create an antiquated truth potion, and this mood stone provided an excellent way to bring it to life!

In true mood stone fashion, the glass cabochon on top of the vial changes color based on temperature; it shifts through a complete rainbow of colors. The body of the vial is a flashy purple labradorite. The backside of the pendant bears the potion's etched label, "Veritas Elixir". The silver has been oxidized, a process which creates the blackened or antiqued appearance on silver. The raised points have been polished to shine, while the low points retain the oxidized color to show off the depth and details. This pendant measures 1.75" tall and 0.75" wide at the widest point. All metal used in this piece is sterling silver 

Check out the mood stone's color shifting magic in action:

Want to add a sterling silver chain? You can find that option here:

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Mood stones are sensitive to extreme temperatures, due to the nature of the thermo-coating on the underside of the cabochon. Please do not subject your mood stone jewelry to extreme temperatures or submerge it in water or other liquids! These actions can cause the mood stones thermo-coating to fail to shift colors afterwards. 

A few notes on caring for oxidized sterling silver: oxidized patina on sterling silver isn't particularly durable to long-term exposure to water (like bathing or swimming) or a lot of scrubbing, as friction is the way to polish silver to shine. Constant exposure to tasks such as hand washing, bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc., will slowly wear away the oxidized patina leaving a shiny silver finish.

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