Ouroboros Minimalist Necklace

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History of the Symbol: The ouroboros is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world, as well as the oldest allegorical symbol in alchemy. It was originally found in ancient Egypt, in art as old as the 13th century BC. It has appeared in cultures throughout the world, with representations like the Norse serpent Jörmungandr and the Mesoamerican Quetzalcoatl. The name itself translated to "tail devourer" in Greek.

This magical minimalist necklace is hand-forged from sterling silver, then oxidized and polished. It is finished with a handmade hook clasp. It is designed to be adjustable, from choker to short necklace; the hook clasp can fit through any link in the chain. The maximum measurement is 20". It can be worn either way, with the serpent facing either up or down.

You will not be receiving the exact item same as is pictured. Your items will be the same design, but every handmade item varies a bit by nature- making each one original and unique!

This item is made-to-order. It will be shipped upon completion of the piece. Please check my shop announcements and time frames listed under shipping options for estimated arrival times. Shipping options will be available to choose upon check-out.

A few notes on caring for oxidized sterling silver: oxidized patina on sterling silver isn't particularly durable to long-term exposure to water (like bathing or swimming) or a lot of scrubbing, as friction is the way to polish silver to shine. Constant exposure to tasks such as hand washing, bathing, swimming, washing dishes, etc., will slowly wear away the oxidized patina leaving a shiny silver finish.

Please contact me with any questions!