Immortal Oak Collar

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Suture ammonite is simply amazing. The wavy lines are formed by a part of the ammonite called the septa. When cut certain ways, these lines create shapes reminiscent of oak leaves.

The focal point of this pendant is the shield-shaped suture ammonite. It is flanked on each side by a thick silver cast twig, the organic shapes preserved in metal. The backside behind the stone is cut out to allow the leafy shapes to glow through when the necklace is held up to the light. The back is also stamped with my maker's mark (BLJ) and a tiny acorn. The beads connecting the 3 large collar pieces are faceted smoky quartz. The side pieces feature a cascade of brass oak leaves fluttering across a darkened background and surrounded by a raised silver border. The chain is finished with a small brass oak leaf charm and a handmade hook clasp. The detailed areas have been oxidized, a process which creates the blackened or antiqued appearance on silver; the raised points have been polished to shine, while the low points retain the oxidized color to show off the depth and details. All metal used in this necklace is sterling silver, with the exception of the brass leaves.

The wearable length of this necklace is adjustable, as the hook clasp can fit through any link in the chain; the maximum wearable length is 20".

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A few notes on caring for sterling silver jewelry: like fine silver, sterling silver does tarnish over time. Exposure to chemicals can affect the appearance on silver (like hair dye, pool chlorine, some soaps, etc.). It is not recommended to wear sterling silver jewelry while bathing or swimming for this reason. If it tarnishes, sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with cleaning cloths or solutions that are labeled as being safe for silver. Cleaning sterling silver can also remove oxidized patina applied to the piece, so use caution when cleaning if there is desired oxidized patina.

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