Circle of Salt Chain

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In many cultures across the world, salt is believed to both purify and repel evil. There are a plethora of myths and folklore surrounding the use of salt, but one of the most commonly referenced is the protective circle of salt. There are many kinds of salt in the world, and I wanted this chain to include more than just plain sea salt. The black tourmaline was used to represent Himalayan black salt (kala namak) which gets it's dark color from trace amounts of iron sulfide.

This hand-wrapped chain consists of a gradient of black to white faceted stone beads; the middle is comprised of a section of black tourmaline, transitioning into tourminilated quartz, then into white moonstone. The chain is finished with a handmade hook clasp. The silver has a polished finish. All metal used in this piece is sterling silver.

The total length of the necklace is 22". The wearable length of the necklace is adjustable, as the hook fits securely through any link in the chain. 

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Like fine silver, sterling silver does tarnish over time. Exposure to chemicals can affect the appearance on silver (like hand sanitizer, pool chlorine, some soaps, etc.). It is not recommended to wear sterling silver jewelry while bathing or swimming for this reason. If it tarnishes, sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with cleaning cloths or solutions that are labeled as being safe for silver. If your jewelry has stones in it, please only use with a cleaner that is labeled as safe for stones as any other cleaner could potentially damage them.